Deans Teens membership is available to 11-15-year-olds. Our aim is to encourage the next generation to be more active and to express themselves independently of their parents.

Fitness Suite

Children can make use of the gym floor and the cardiovascular machines in our fitness suite, all accompanied by a parent or guardian with an active membership. An induction is required before using the fitness suite and must be attended by both the parent/guardian and the teen.

Racquet Sport

This includes use of our badminton, squash and table tennis courts. You can book courts without direct parent supervision; however the parent/guardian must be a member and must be present onsite throughout the booking.


Our bouldering room is a fantastic activity for overall fitness. It develops good balance, coordination and strength. An induction must be attended for the bouldering wall; this will include all health and safety points and basic bouldering techniques. An adult must also have had an induction and supervise the teen at all times.

Booking Times

The bouldering room and racquet sports are available to book during the following times only:

Monday to Friday 17:00-10:00pm

Saturday 08:30-6:00pm

Sunday 08:30-4:00pm